Pleasant Street Living

Beautiful things for your home and your life.

Everything in your life is an expression of who you are from the way you decorate your home, the books that you read, how you care for your body and the food that you prepare. Everything in life is art.

At Pleasant Street Living we select a unique combination of vintage and new to reflect your personality. Everything in your daily life should be beautiful and a pleasure to use.

Pleasant Street Pantry

With a background in culinary and wine I am inspired by quality ingredients that ignite creativity in the kitchen. The pantry is stocked with a selection of the highest quality Italian ingredients & teas from Paris that you won’t find anywhere else in Eastern Canada. Supporting local is also very important to us and we carry an expanding section of Nova Scotia pantry staples that everyone loves to have on hand.

Italian Pantry

Kusmi Teas of Paris

Bear River Farms

When you have good ingredients, cooking doesn’t require a lot of instruction because you can never go very wrong.

Alice Waters